Year of the Rabbit 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Kung Hei Fat Choy

Today marks the Lunar New Year for 2011. It’s year of the rabbit (a.k.a. year of the Cokebaby). If you’re interested in your horoscope for the year check out this site where you can enter your birthday and it will generate a one-paragraph overview.

Me, I’m a Wood Tiger and this is my outlook for the year:

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is that this year’s ruling animal, the Rabbit, is one of your complementary signs. The bad news is that the year’s element, Metal, has a destructive relationship with your sign’s element of Wood. In plain English? You’ll probably have a so-so year with 5 favorable months, 3 neutral, and 4 unfavorable months. But don’t get discouraged – as a Tiger, you have the guts and gusto to face challenges like a Mortal Kombat fighter. When you’re not engaged in battle, it could be a good time to lay low and borrow some of the Rabbit’s reserve. If you plot your course ahead of time, you’ll be able to navigate the changing waters of this year with grace and agility.

Also, for anyone interested in ringing in this new year, the Chinese Society of Nova Scotia will be holding a banquet at the Marriott in Halifax on Saturday, February 12.

Have a great year!

Kimberly Walsh is a social media and online community manager. You can follow her on Twitter @AliasGrace.


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