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You Knew Us When

“I’m going to be on Treehouse!”

We had just sat down to breakfast at a restaurant the morning after our long shoot day in Toronto. Cameron, my two year old, was beaming with pride at our waitress.

“…with the Octonauts!”

If you’re not a Canadian, you might not quite understand the level of excitement that Cameron exuded in this one little sentence. Treehouse TV is a Canadian English cable channel with programming for preschoolers. Treehouse is our go-to channel whenever we need to distract the kids for a moment (or a little longer. Don’t lie – you do it too). Treehouse is the channel I know I can flip to in the middle of the night if one of my babies is sick and just needs to be distracted. And Treehouse is where some of Cameron’s favourite shows are.

We took a trip to Toronto a few weeks ago because Cameron and I had been cast to be in some commercials for Danone Danino yogurt. They needed a cute kid (check) and a Mommy Blogger (check) and I was more than happy to talk about childhood development during the experience of a lifetime.

I admit to feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing. Flying to Toronto for meetings and a twelve-hour shoot day with my two year old are not usually part of my daily routine. As someone who often prefers to be behind a computer screen, I had to step out, be confident, and keep shyness at bay for both myself and my son. If anything I have ever done required courage, this was it. I put myself out there to be judged on how I looked and what I could do. And I brought my toddler into it with me.

You Knew Us When

It is amazing how much strength and courage we can muster up for our kids. I always thought adults could handle anything, but adventures like this one has taught me it is all about perception. I couldn’t break-down because my little boy needed a hand to hold during these new experiences. I held it together so that I could push my little guy forward in his life.

Coincidentally, that relates to what I said in my scripts. We do so much to give our children a head start, even when we wish we could just hold them tight and keep them little forever. But when we let go and help them flourish, amazing and exciting things happen in their lives.


I really hope you’ll look for me on your TV. (I really hope the camera doesn’t add 10 extra pounds that I totally don’t need). I’m proud of what we accomplished on our trip to Toronto and the growing and learning that Cameron and I experienced together. I’m so proud of you, Buddy!

You Knew Us When

“Look Cameron! That’s you! On TV!”

Cameron Video


I am super excited to be part of this with Danone Danino and Treehouse TV. It really was an absolute honour to be involved. To see the commercials you can tune in to Treehouse TV or find them online here. While you’re there, check out the super fun game that your little one can play! And don’t forget to pick up some Danino yogurt for your little one to help them grow up big and strong.

How do you encourage learning and development with your children?

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