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You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead.”

After a semi-frustrating time last week, I have emerged feeling okay and am ready to sing my praises to various incarnations of awesome. Please note the following:

1. JCVD: Restored my love of Jean-Claude Van Damme as an actor while provided epic moments of high-kickery. Makes fun of Steven Seagal. Had full-scale audience cheering and clapping moments.

2. Yes To Carrots: This is a shampoo. A shampoo made from carrot juice. I am in love with it. It contains no paraben or wax (a lot of drug store shampoos have wax in them–makes your hair shiny, but causes build-up) and doesn’t “strip” your hair. The conditioner is great, too. And it’s affordable! Go carrots!

3. Bad Gal Lash by Benefit: Found this at the candy store of a make-up section at the Spring Garden Road Shopper’s Drug Mart. Almost novelty-sized applicator, but it delivers. I am obsessed with mascara and give this brand five stars (good thing, as it was expensive). No clumps but lots of length. Awesome.

4. Blip FM: Gets me through the day with innumerable options for dance parties. Getting “props” from strangers for my less-than-good taste in music is pleasing, even though I basically just want to listen to the Jackson 5 all day. No joke.

5. Twitter IRL: The internet is now a conduit for socialization with fun people… I am agog, I am aghast. Haliblogaknittas was fun and the Twitter brunch afforded some great conversation over heaps of deliciousness. I am also slowly following the cast of Star Trek: TNG, patiently awaiting Jean Luc Picard’s arrival (though my favourite is already tweeting–go LeVar).

6. Weekends: Old faithful of awesomeness. This weekend will involve: Jason Voorhees (I bet he likes gouda cheese and french fries with mayo), homemade pizza, C.H.U.D.(s), and a games night where I will no doubt win (and by win I mean give up and throw a hissy fit).

7. This song: It will get you through anything. JUST LISTEN TO THE WORDS.

8. Warranted Media Attention: I’m glad this fiasco actually got a lot of press. I’m hoping SMU stops being so lame about this kind of thing. I keep wondering what would of happened if this went down at my alma mater. I don’t think any protesters would’ve braved the trip on the #80.

Friends, in these dark, dreary, and icy-sidewalk’ed times, we need things to hold us up with their awesomeness. What’s making you happy at the moment?

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