Yuppie Supper Club #3

For this installment of YSC, we upd the anti with a little lobstah! My friend Mel informed me that you can pick your lobster AND GET IT COOKED FOR YOU at the grocery store…bonus- no effort, and no smelly apt! The only work that was involved was breaking them apart, but that’s the fun part after all, so no worries there.

To contrast the lobster’s sweet, succulent meat I made a light salad with bright flavors; tart, ruby-red grapefruit, crunchy fennel and cool, creamy avocado. We piled the salad on a bed of mixed greens and dressed it with a simple mix of olive oil, some reserved grapefruit juice and S & P. Topped with some nutty Parmesan cheese, we had an incredible variety of tastes to hit every bit of the palate.

the “catch”

Mel is one ambitious cook in the kitchen! That girl prepared not only the Lava Cakes, but all the trimmings herself! She blended up some fresh strawberry coulis, and much to my delight, sat down post dinner and proceeded to whip the cream- BY HAND!

I’ve never had a lava cake before, but I’ll definitely try to make them myself! They pretty much have the same texture as a chocolate cake that isn’t entirely cooked in the centre. My fork went through the soft cake shell into a warm, fudgy center. Yummers.

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