Yves Rocher Summer 2015 nail polish

To round up Yves Rocher Summer 2015 collection, the nail polish come in accommodating colour tones with the makeup.

Let’s start with Yves Rocher Intense Tangerine (intense indeed, only took one coat) and Perfect Light Pink (2 coats, a bit more pink than it looks here).

Special thanks to that bright glowy gold of Finger Paints Hula Aruba!.

If you need some colours for the beach or pool, go for something beautifully blue like Ocean Blue (one coat here, it stains the nails and skin at removal, just a note) or Aqua Blue (the accent nail, 2 coats).

Want to go darker, Iridescent Anthracite (one coat) serves the purpose with the subtle iridescent shimmers. Surprisingly, Soft Coral (2 coats) makes a good company to it in this mani.

The lighter colours all take a second coat to even out and get good colour payoff. They all wear about 2 days on me, which is the norm. There are also Azalea Pink and Pearly Magnolia in the lineup.

The bottles are still mini sized (0.16oz/ 5ml) but are long and tall, easier to hold, $6 each (on sale for $3.50 at the moment).

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