2011 Sees Highest Homicide Rate Yet In Halifax

But did I cross the line?

Halifax has set a new record in its history — and it's not one that any city would want.

Global Maritimes reports that 2011 marked the highest homicide rate yet in Halifax, with 15 cases so far this year. This is up from the previous record set in 2009 with 13 homicides. 

Global has also compiled an interactive map on their website detailing the locations and background information on each investigation. We'd like to know your thoughts on the epidemic of violent crime our city seems to be in the midst of Haligonia.

Why do you think the homicide rate is up? What kind of steps do we need to take as a community to make Halifax safer? How would you like to see our police and government members address the spate of violence witnessed in our city this year?

View the interactive map here: http://www.globalmaritimes.com/interactive+map/6442526385/story.html

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