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2015 Media Kit for Bloggers

Every year January 1st hits and I get all anxious to get things done. Important things, but things that are tedious and often fall by the wayside at other times of the year.

This year my January 1st projects involved cleaning out my inbox and updating my media kit.

Media Kits are super important for bloggers to have on hand. They make life easier for us and the marketers who want to work with us. I can tell you that my lack of media kit and rate sheet (that important document that says how much advertising or a sponsored post costs) has made me put off too many important emails. Now that my kit is at my fingertips, I’ll be able to quickly share my stats and my prices with inquiring minds.

As I worked on my media kit, so many blogger friends mentioned to me that they needed to make one for themselves too. I know first hand how hard it is to start one from scratch, especially when you’re not sure what information to include or how to make it look just right.

With that in mind, I decided to make my Media Kits and Rate Sheets available for purchase!

Media Kit for Bloggers | Mommy Miracles

Media Kit + Rate Sheet: $35 introductory price

  • Personalize your own Media Kit with individual colour and design preferences.
  • Media Kit includes up to 3 pages to highlight your website stats, bio, demographic information, contact info and other important milestones and highlights.
  • Media Kit includes one additional “Rate Sheet” page which lists advertisement rates, sponsorship options, and quick stats.
  • Easy to fill out form will make curating this information for your Media Kit a breeze.
  • Entire document will be sent to you as a pdf.
  • You will also receive a pdf copy of your Rate Sheet separate from your Media Kit.

Rate Sheet only: $20 introductory price

If you feel like you’re not quite ready for a full media kit, a Rate Sheet is still a very important document to have on hand.

  • Personalize your own Rate Sheet with individual colour and design preference.
  • Rate Sheet is one page which lists your links, quick stats, advertisement rates, and sponsorship options.
  • Easy to fill out form will make curating this information for your Rate Sheet a breeze.
  • One page document will be sent to you as a pdf.

Sample Media Kit & Rate Sheet

Sample Page 1 Sample Page 2 Sample Page 3 Sample Rate Sheet

Process Order

Please ensure you pay and fill out the appropriate form to complete your purchase. I will fill the orders on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware that I am due to have a baby this month which could slow down the processing time.

Get your 2015 Media Kit

Choose which option is best for you!

Once you’ve paid, please make sure you fill out the form so I have the information to make your document.

If you purchased a the Media Kit and Rate Sheet, fill out this form.

If you purchase the Rate Sheet only, fill out this form.


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