3 Down, 2 To Go

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday evening already. The past few days have just blown by.  Could it be because of all the 530am wake up calls/getting in the door and going to straight to bed days? :) 

I did manage to start the day off on the right foot though. I had to got to 2 grocery stores but I finally got all stocked up on the Liberte Greek Yogurt again.  I was planning on having it with granola this morning, only to discover that hubby had finished off the box.  Instead,  I had a chance to try out this Kashi sample that I received last week.

Toasted Berry CrispIMG_1001 
How cute is this mini box?

In the bowl -  plain greek yogurt, squirt of Nova Scotia honey,  1/2 box of cereal & organic blueberries. (Yes, they were still frozen.)

The verdict? YUM.  I’ll be using the coupon they sent with it.  Perfect amount of crunch and yummy berry taste.  The NI isn’t too shabby either.  I had half of the box for 105 calories plus 4g of fibre & 4.5g protein.  That with the yogurt puts me at almost 25g of protein just in my breakie.  Lots of staying power I tell ya!

IMG_0995 IMG_1002

If you missed out, looks like you can still request your free sample.

***[Insert boring work day here]***

This evening a few of us Haligonians decided to get together for a much needed gab session.  Ang and I met up beforehand to have some Supper.

My first Pete’s Salad!!!!!! I must be the last person on the planet (or here in Hali at least) to have one of these.  So glad that I finally had a chance to check out their humongous salad bar.  It did not disappoint.


They stuffed this little box full of lettuce, spinach, mixed greens, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, mushrooms, green onions, green pepper, kidney beans, cheddar cheese, penne, croutons & bacon bits.  Mmm mmm!

Thai Sesame dressing…. tasted like peanut sauce.

IMG_1021 IMG_1010

And just cuz  we were both craving some crusty french bread, a fantastic roll.   I predict these won’t last another day in our house. I love me some good bread.

We met up with Jaime and Tash a short while later at Starbucks.  Is there really any other place for 3 hours of gabbing? LOL 😉

Grande low fat caramel latte.  It was good but I found it a little too sweet.

Traditional Ang/Tash/baby pic. So cute and there is definite baby bump there!

Thanks for a great evening ladies!  Can’t wait to do it again soon.

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