A Label for the Favourite List: Free People

Ally: Well, I’m back from vacation. Oddly quite exhausted rather than rested. This is due to tons of fun packed days with a toddler who doesn’t look too highly upon mommy reading her Vogue alone in the sun. I did find some time to catch up on important reading and to visit my favourite used clothing outlet. Yes, that’s right. I hit up Frenchy’s. When I’m not so lazy, I’ll take some photos of my finds. It wasn’t the huge event it was last year. Meaning I didn’t stock up on Ann Taylor skirts. Instead I pulled a fabulous Kenny Rogers tour baseball jersey (it’s amazing, trust) and a gorgeous ruffled skirt from Free People.  It looks sort of like this (again, too lazy to take a photo right now).


A quick google shirt showed me that Taylor Swift also enjoys Free People garb.


It’s a label that appears to mix country and bo-ho. So basically, I’m in love.


Quick! Someone pass L-A the barf bucket. For real though, L-A and I will never have to worry about stealing each other’s clothes. I love her look, but nautical doesn’t (pun alert!) float my boat. Similarly, looking like a drunk cowgirl is probably not that appealing to her.

For real though, isn’t this darling?


Moving on to the Teen Choice Awards (so ridiculous, but I watch Big Brother so of course I’m interested). I need to find time to write a blog post about Selena Gomez, to be filed under “Celebrities we Irrationally Hate”.

Listen. I know she’s a kid. But she’s a kid trying hard to be all growed up. YOU CANNOT BE ALL GROWED UP AND DATE THE BIEBER.

With that said. I like the hook of that song. L-A, pass your barf bucket.

L-A: I love you like a love song?


And does the rest of the chorus go, “beep beep beep”? Or am I just having a stroke? I can’t be bothered to listen again to figure it out.

However, I would like to put money on the number of girls who wanted to hunt Gomez down after seeing this clip:

Aw yeah. Biebs loves you like a lame simile.

Anyway, moving on from Gomez (we do need to discuss her another day) and onto Free  People. Depending on the season,  I actually do like the label quite a bit. I mean, they were selling these super sweet Bass saddle shoes for awhile (now only in black and not my size. fooey):

the pretty is killing me softly

(School got in the way of me owning saddle shoes…maybe this will be the fall I get me some saddle shoes).

This season however, it’s a little too Laura Ingalls Wilder on a bender in Haight Ashbury for my liking, so I’ll stick to my nautical stripes for now.

p.s. yay! Ally is back!

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Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/08/10/a-label-for-the-favourite-list-free-people/

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