Favourite Friday: August 12 Edition

Ally: Perhaps by the time you are reading this, L-A and I will have our faces against the glass of Sephora’s new Halifax location at Hfx Shopping Centre. That’s right, ya’ll. We’re attending the official Grand Opening. Can you feel the heat off my debit card? My savings account will. Obviously there will be an update on our purchases next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter account as there may be some live-tweeting of the opening if we don’t pass out from makeup joy.

Another fave this week is the new BB Dakota blazer I purchased today from BTR. Are you a member of Beyond the Rack? If you’re not, feel free to use my promo code to become a member and contribute to the Ally Loves New Clothes Real Good fund. You won’t regret it. Nor will I.

So, the blazer. It is this.

It's a little horse riding-ish paired with military bitch. Ooh! I rhymed! Like Eminem!


A self-absorbed favourite was my hair today (Thursday). I actually managed my waves. This happens once a year, and when it does it’s like Christmas. For real. It’s like Santa came down the chimney and blessed my frizz. I didn’t take a photo cause the circles under my eyes would detract from the amazeballs of my hair, but trust that it looked sort of like this:

I had this hair! Minus the supermodel face and body.

I can’t wait till Awesome Hair Day 2012!

Crappy Pop Video of the Week. I decided to treat L-A this week. After all, she looked after the blog for two weeks while I was on vacation. Here’s one of my favourite songs performed by Joan Osborne with the Funk Brothers. It kills me. Every.Single.Time. Will L-A like it? I await the golf claps.

L-A: No golf claps from me. I won’t call it crappy, but I won’t call it good either. And not just because I feel like being bitchy. But I still have Joan Osborne issues. I mean, I’m totally jealous of her hair, but I do not love the lingering aftertaste of One of Us. Okay. Let’s move on to my favourites.

1. The Gosling.

First and foremost for me this week is Pretend Boyfriend Numero Uno.

You know what that sound is? That's the sound of the interwebs swooning.

Carrying a baby. That’s right. Your ovaries swooned just a little bit. Even if you don’t have ovaries, I bet you wanted to make babies with him. I mean, I don’t even know if I want babies and I sure thought about it just then. And even Ally, who still claims he’s a hipster, was turned on a bit. Although, it might have something to do with the Gosling being dressed like Eminem. I just looked past that bit. I also looked past the slightly Breaker High hair.

2. Speaking of Breaker High…

Oh yes, I totally found Breaker High on YouTube. You can skip ahead to 8:31 if you want to see hints of the dude who’ll make you get all swoony in The Notebook (because it still wasn’t over for him. I mean fuck lady, he wrote you every day for a year).  You can also start at the beginning of episode 30 (“He Shoots, He Scores”), where the gang goes to PEI and encounters ice hockey, Anne of Green Gables and Canadians who talk right funny, eh.

If you need more Breaker High in your life (and let’s face it, you probably do), you need to head on over to the cornucopia of awesomeness that is This Needs to Stop. They interview the dude who plays Max Ballard. In case you don’t remember him, Wikipedia describes his character as “the rebel and son of the ship’s captain.” And yes, I just quoted Wikipedia. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen that interview before last night. But then again, I also didn’t know about the Romy and Michele prequel starring Katherine Heigl before last night.

3. We were SNAP’ed.

Which means your photo might be there too. Which most people really dig. Except me. I hate having my photo taken. I turn into Incredibly Awkward Girl the moment the camera is turned on.

Also, whenever I mention SNAP, I really want to make a clever “oh snap” joke, except it’s one of those thing I can never say without sounding like a putz and so definitely can’t make it sound remotely clever. It’s up there with “you go girl”, which thankfully, is no longer a thing, so I never have to wish I could say it ever again.

4. Ally’s back from vacation.

I mean, I wanted her to enjoy her time off and get all rested and shit, but you have no idea how much I missed her emails. Because seriously, you know you want this in your inbox:

Also, I hate you for sending me the Eminem video. I lost two hours googling Eminem after you sent me that. And I enjoyed it. A lot. Oh my fuck he is my trailor park ice cream treat on a hot summer’s day.

She really is the wind beneath my wings.

5. Jill

Because she let me write a guest post so I could get my cheesy TV show out of my system. (I didn’t, but you don’t have to listen to me anymore).

6. My video of the week:

Actually, Otis was my jam this week. But No Diggity came into the top five jams of the week. Up there with Sleazy and Rollin with my Homies (which, holy crap! someone I follow on Twitter did that with Jeremy Sisto/Elton. Serious Pretend Boyfriend Jealousy).

p.s. on a housekeeping note – the site might go a bit funny this weekend as we move to self-hosting. Probably not, but if you read us on a feed reader and shit goes crazy with 500 unread posts, that’d be way.

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