All Good Things Come To An End

Good Afternoon Folks!

My eats this morning were nothing short of yummy. An ezekiel english muffin toasted with peanut butter & Crofter’s Superfruit Asia.

Unfortunately, I was scraping the bottle to get the last of the jam and now I’m officially out. 🙁 This was my favourite out of the samples sent to me and will be added to the grocery list. Speaking of Superfruit – contest here.

IMG_4028 IMG_4033

Rounded out the meal with half of a banana. Delish and perfect fuel to get the engine going. 😉

I know my blog posts have been rather boring lately but I’ve got a lot going on so I’ve basically been trying to stay in the routine of blogging (and tracking) so that I’m accountable.

Tonight I’m supposed to run 7km. I’ve tentatively got plans with Lesley and Tash to run together right after work but depending on how my afternoon goes I may end up running solo.

Looks like Saturday is supposed to rain so we may have to postphone our Cape Split hike. If that happens, we’re going to get our new flooring installed.I can’t wait ‘til the house is officially done and decluttered.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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