Short And Sweet

Evening!  Yet another short post as I’ve been a busy bee.  Got home from work and spent all evening working on another project. ;)  Time for a bit of QT with the hubby and then zZzzzZZzzs.

My eats were okay today.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have lots of APs….so I’ve been using them as an excuse to eat froyo and chocolate.    Not necessary at all.  Moving on, I’m still within in points so really that’s all that matters.  

Supper tonight was one of convenience – Refried Bean Wraps

I used a can of Eden Organic Refried Beans and mixed with chilli powder and salsa in the frying pan.  Took all of 3-4 mins over medium heat. 

Place on whole wheat tortilla & bed of baby spinach.  Top with shredded cheddar, more salsa, scoop of greek yogurt & green onions.  Mmm mmm.  Tasty and filling.  A five minute meal.  Score!

Back tracking a bit… my mid-morning snack consisted of a few Peek Freans Lifestyles Lemon Crisps.

Business lunch out at a restaurant so no pics as I didn’t feel it was appropriate.   I had a really tasty meal though and am disappointed that I don’t have pics to share with you all.

Tomato Duo

White Cheddar, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Basil Pesto
Skewered Focaccia Dipped in Egg and Grilled

It also came with a big bowl of homemade tomato soup.  Absolutely fantastic!


Can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already, this week is really flying by.  I am now off to catch up with you all finally!

PS.  Have you entered the Superfruit Contest yet? 😉

Blush Response Screening

Video Replay: Rainmen 109, Kebs 86 – April 7 2010