All you can eat sushi at Zuri

One of the things that I love so much about my pals Maria & Josh is that they’re constantly doing new, fun, adventurous things.  Case in point; the drive-in.  On a slightly chilly night in July, we found ourselves well-prepared for a triple flick (although I was having quite the issue trying to stay awake by movie #3).  It may not have been the best idea since M & I were both super sick with colds, but we wrapped ourselves in a woolen blanket and hunkered down for the night.  

Of course, no movie is ever complete without snacks, and M & I do like our snacks, so we came armed with some Stilton, sliced apple, veggies & dip, and…a sleeve of chocolate chip cookie dough…  Since I consider popcorn a food group, we got some of that as well.

The next night, M & I hit up Zuri Bar & Dining on Brunswick for their Wednesday night special of ‘All-you-can -eat sushi’.  For $19 and the purchase of a drink, the staff will bring you endless platters (from a limited menu) on which to snack.  This was my first experience with sushi in Oz, and I was surprised that so much of it contained cooked meat and seafood.  

We got various plates, which contained:  Cooked tuna roll in soy and ginger w/ mayo and green onion; Chicken and Avocado roll (self explanatory); Chicken Karage – crispy Japanese chicken w/ chili mayo;  and a salmon nigiri w/ red onion. 

We also chose a btl. of Rolf Binder 2011 Riesling from the Eden Valley since Riesling is an iconic pairing for the spicy red chilies so often found in Asian cuisine.

This was a great night out since the company and the wine were fantastic.  I was lukewarm on the sushi, since I generally go for sashimi, which wasn’t an option.  Still though, this would be a great venue to take someone just getting used to sushi and raw fish since it was mostly of the cooked variety. 


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