Allison Blogs Big Brother – Nominations #10, Veto #10 (Final), Eviction #10

Julie? Is it jammy time? You look like you are wearing a high-end baseball shirt.

Maybe she did bag herself a young boy like I mentioned yesterday, but now she is in the “nesting” period.  Also Julie, large Texas style belt buckles belong on your pants. Not around your neck silly. (Sniff, I will miss this Julie)
Back to the show.
Adam in charge / of our days and our nights
Now that Adam is in charge everyone has to bow down to him. I never thought I would see the day.
Porsche’s butt kissing starts when she helps Adam carry his shoes to his new HOH room because nothing says “keep me” than holding a man’s stinky shoes. Porsche talks with Adam and compliments him on winning and how he deserves to be here. Then she casually reminds him that Jordan won two years ago.
Rachel comes in wearing a shiny sparkly dress. She also compliments him on winning and how he deserves to be here. Did it work? Was he distracted by her sparkly dress?
Next is Jordan’s turn. Adam implies that maybe Porsche won’t be his target this week. Little Jordan has another Little Tantrum and declares, “After all we have done for you and you want to save Porsche?” Jordan let me take you down a road I like to call, Perspective Way. No matter who Adam nominates you all will be fighting for Veto. He really has no power in the house. Girlfriend you can only depend on yourself today.
Nominations Ceremony – One man, three girls, one key hole
Seriously? Do we need all this editing for the ceremony? We get it diary room entries; everyone wants to stay on the show. Adam does surprise me with his nomination by keeping Rachel safe. His explanation was also refreshing. He mentions that he once took himself off the block with the Veto (*cough* competition was thrown *cough*) and Rachel also has done the same and since the others have not, he wants them to fight for it. Adam’s right, there is no point in alliances anymore. If you want to stay in the game you have to fight, FIGHT! For once Adam made his OWN decision.
DJ BB, laying out all the hits – Veto Competition
Outside there is a giant jukebox. Each player has a station with large four-sided blocks with a housemates’ name on a side. There are two lists of clues relating to housemates that look like jukebox lists. Housemates have to place the blocks on a pole so a name on the block matches the clue next to it? Does that make sense? I don’t know why I am having such a difficult time explaining this.  It’s been a long season. Whoever puts the blocks in the right order first wins.
Porsche starts off with a good strategy of placing the blocks in order on the ground first before placing them on the pole. Good idea Porsche, you don’t want to start off on the pole right away you have to build up to that. Also good advice for exotic dancers. Jordan’s tactic is to talk to herself. It was adorable, like a 5-year-old learning to tie their shoes. Back to regular form, Adam is far behind. All is right with the world again.
Once Porsche is confident she starts to pile the blocks. The first time she hits the buzzer she has a mistake. After some shifting she tries again and wins!
Jordan or Rachel you are gone-zo.
Rachel knows she has to fight to stay so she has a heart to heart with Porsche. Rachel says how pretty she is, how smart she is and how much she deserves to stay in the game. I roll my eyes so much they almost get stuck. Cool, I’m back. Rachel says she would take Porsche to final two, Adam would take Porsche to final two, but Jordan…. ah not so much.
Final Veto Meeting of the Summer – Edge of my seat
Porsche takes herself off the block. A DUH?!
Eviction Time
Rachel and Jordan do the “everyone is great, I am so thankful” speech before Porsche makes her decision. The only difference is Jordan makes a dig at Porsche by saying all she knows about her is that, “you like wearing bikinis and hosting the competitions.” In other words Porsche, Jordan finds you useless. Rachel mentions to Porsche, “We’ve had our ups and downs.” I wish they cut to the dancing circle scene again. Don’t know why I keep mentioning that, I just find it so funny. 
And with that, Porsche eliminates Little Jordan.
“You still can’t trust a mom.” – Jordan’s Final Words
During the exit interview Jordan knew that she wasn’t going to be saved by Porsche and trying to be friends with her too late in the game.
Julie asks about Shelly’s betrayal. Jordan realized she was playing too personal and trusted Shelly too much because she was the motherly figure in the house. She learned a huge lesson though, “You still can’t trust a mom.”  That comment gets a huge laugh from the audience and from me. I don’t trust my mom to tell me where she hides the crackers in her house. I know they are somewhere.
First round of the final HOH – Mix it, mix it good
The final three HOH competitions are usually an endurance competition, something with trivia, and something with a puzzle. Here they start the endurance part. The backyard is now a giant mixing machine. The housemates stand on small “mixing blades” that slowly turn. They look like they are above a bowl of melted butter. Is that butter? Is it urine? It’s something that is yellow that’s for sure. But wait, that’s not all. While they spin, they will be hit with huge splats of paint and the blades dip into the “water.” By the sounds of Porsche’s reaction, it’s very cold. I am predicting Adam will be out within ten minutes. Anyone else want to put on a wager? 
So who will win the first round of HOH? Who would you vote for as your favourite housemate? And will Jordan ever trust moms again?
Two episodes LEFT guys.
Other Thoughts:
  • Thank you to Abbie who commented yesterday. It was a black queen chess piece that Kalia left behind last episode. Thanks for helping me on that one. It wasn’t a black key. Silly me!
  • I loved the picture of little Adam at his bar mitzvah in his HOH room.
  • Seeing Rachel cry reminded me she hasn’t done this for a few episodes. I thought Rachel finally went through some growth but no, the tears are a pouring. The editors of this show love to milk these Rachel meltdowns. They over emphasize her nose blowing and that sad puppy dog face.  
  • I was shocked that Jordan said she and Porsche never talked. Like, ever? You live in the same secluded house cut off from society. There are only two other people to talk to. How can you NOT have talked? I have tried to not talk to my roommate Sarah but she always saying things like, “Where’s the cheese grater?”  “Allison, the dryer door opened by itself.” “Please don’t touch my feta cheese.” You can’t avoid it.




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