Allison Blogs Big Brother: POV #1

So, will the houseguest that left, please stand up? I am dying to know why they left. Like last time, I will do my review with a synopsis of the Veterans vs. The Newbies, but first:
“I don’t see Dick, I don’t hear Dick?” – Jeff (Evil Dick leaves the Game)
Evil Dick is called to the Diary Room by Big Brother and is never heard from AGAIN! After two hours Jeff is first to start asking questions of his whereabouts, which lead to the above hilarious quote. In the Diary Room for over two hours? Did the place swallow him whole? When the Diary Room called for Rachel I crossed my fingers thinking, “Please be a vortex, please be a vortex.” No, she came with news from Big Brother that Evil Dick left the game for personal reasons. The even bigger news was that Danielle was given the Golden Key by default. So how did each alliance take the news?
“That’s it man, game over man, game over” – Veterans’ Reaction
After hearing the news the Veterans sounded like a grade three soccer team who lost their only good player. “Aww, shucks guys, we can’t do this. Let’s give up.” There was a suggestion to try and make friends with the Newbies but it was too late. It’s kind of like when you hear someone is having an awesome graduation party and it’s too late to cram three years of bonding in time to be invited. But don’t worry, I had a perfectly awesome grad night with my Mom and Dad.
Danielle was very upset because her father left so abruptly, but also she was not happy to have the Golden Key. Danielle was a good player during her season and having to be passive for the next four weeks frustrates her. Eventually she reveals that she will take the time to get to be friends with the other housemates. Good tactic.
Brendon showed his temper when he wanted to confront Keith for “smiling” after the news. I forgot Brendon had such a temper, so upon closer inspection, yeah, he and Rachel are good for each other. And then Jeff spoke and the clouds parted. He rallied his troops and reminded them it’s not over until it’s over. For second I thought I was watching a speech from Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks. Jeff reminded them that they all are strong and can keep winning, “Let’s knuckle-up like Rocky!” Hey Oprah, I don’t need you anymore; Jeff will give me spiritual guidance from now on.
Before the POV competition the Veterans bring Porsche in and make sure she is still willing to do their bidding. That means throw the POV competition. And she says yes. This girl’s game is so sad and passive. Just as passive as my roommate Sarah is with cleaning dishes. Sarah, the soap is right there!
“You’re all against me” – Newbies
Well Keith went a little coo-coo over the news. He began to look at the cameras and dance around while the other Newbies were worried about Dick. Then, he decided to reveal his suspicions about Porsche and Kalia working with the Veterans in front of the Newbies. Keith was right about Porsche but not Kalia, and it definitely came off crazy, “I know you are working with the veterans, and you are, and you are stealing my underwear, and that squirrel outside has been laughing at me.” (Ok, gross exaggeration) Dominic begins to rethink choosing Keith as a member of The Garberators, oops, I mean The Regulators.
Up, Up and Give Up! – Veto Time
The POV’s will be played as partners that meant after Porsche and Keith, and Rachel and Brendon only one other team could play. Good news for the Veterans, it was Jordan and Jeff. The couples were dressed as superheroes connected to a pulley. While one partner ran to grab a puzzle piece the other partner was lifted in the air to put a puzzle together. Little did Keith know that Porsche was going to throw the game and little did Porsche know, he was doing the same thing. When they actually showed them “throwing the game” it came off pretty obvious from both sides. Well, the one team that did try was Rachel and Brendon and they flew past the other teams and won the power of veto.
Pre-Veto Dealing
Brendon and Rachel had “control of the whole house” and began to try and build relationships with the other Newbies. One at a time all the partners came into the HoH room and Brendon spoke to each as if it were a ‘timeshare’ dinner. Here were the reactions:
Team Heavy Metal Mama’s Boy (Adam and Dominic) – Dominic was not scared or too interested.
Team Sass and the City (Lawon and Kalia) – Smile and nod.
Team South (Cassi and Shelly) – Skeptical yet intrigued.
Keith – Said yes to whatever Rachel said knowing he felt safe with The Elevators, oops, I mean Regulators.
Veto Ceremony
No Veto used! Honestly, I can’t get too creative for these parts.
Other Thoughts:
  • This is the first time I ever saw someone cry after being nominated. Porsche you’re crying? It’s the third episode and your feelings are hurt? Somebody call the Whaaambulance.
  • Pretty model Cassi smokes? Oh girlfriend, I get it makes you skinny but your skin is going to look awful.
  • Hey Kalia, you on the show? I haven’t seen much of you.
  • I enjoyed the editing of both Keith and Porsche telling BB that they are throwing the game and their partner is unaware. As well when they did their post-Veto competition together I felt they were going to wink at the camera at the same time.
  • During the Veto competition there were way too many pet names coming from the romantic couples.





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