Allison Blogs Big Brother – Power of Veto #4

Well as predicted after the nominations, Rachel cried. Brendon swears revenge on Danielle by winning the Veto and taking Rachel off the block. Good plan Brendon, ensure the house will be really irritated.
Is this the end of Boo-key? (Fingers crossed)
With the amount of crying these two are doing you would swear it’s as if one of them was dying or going to jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Listen, if one of you leaves you will see each other in less than two months, or if they are in the sequester house even sooner than that. Then think about it, you would spend weeks in a beautiful romantic villa. You know I have two friends visiting me from England and we were reunited. It felt so good. Brachel get some perspective.  
This whole episode was a big love fest between Brendon and Rachel and it was yucky. What’s worse having to watch this couple argue or confess their deranged undying love for each other? Hard to say, one of the situations gives me a white hot rage while the other makes me want to barf.
Danielle for some reason tries to apologize to Rachel to make her feel better which I think was a bad idea. It caused Rachel to be even more upset. It’s like when a guy likes a girl and his friend swoops in and takes her. Then the ‘swooper’ tries to apologize. “Oh, you liked her? Oops, sorry about that. Yeah, it’s just she is so attractive, sorry, and said she wanted to be with a real man, sorry, and that you remind her of that guy from N’SYNC that wasn’t Justin, JC, Joey, or Lance, sorry, and she would rather sit in a pile…”
“Ok, stop talking, I get!”
Here We Go Again – Veto Competition
The three other players for the Veto were Jeff, Adam and Porsche and again, still no sign of Lawon, Kalia or Shelly ever having to play one of these.
Today’s Veto competition was 5 mini versions of past competitions. Houseguests had to guess how long it would take them to do a certain challenge. Who ever predicted the lowest time had to perform it in that time or lose the game. But if they were able to do it then the person who guessed the highest amount of time was out of the game. This is an interesting game. If I were playing I would try to guess a time that was in between.
Round One – Chewing gum: Rachel lowest. Adam highest.
Can Rachel chew 10 pieces of gum with her four stomachs in the time she guessed? Yes, she can. Bye, Adam.
Round 2 -Veto puzzle: Rachel lowest, Porsche highest. Yes! Rachel fails the puzzle test.
Round 3 – Spell the word with the foot hair: Danielle lowest, Jeff highest. Danielle sadly doesn’t make it on time.
Round 4 – Milking it: Jeff lowest, Porsche highest. Jeff tries all his might and is so close but can’t make it on time.  
Round 5 – Hole in One: Brendon lowest, Porsche highest. I was impressed that Brendon won this challenge when he only had 3 seconds left on the clock. Brendon wins!
Then Rachel ran into his arms. Barf bag!
Let’s Take Minute and Collect Our Thoughts
Danielle doesn’t want to pick a replacement because she doesn’t want to make any more enemies. So eventually Jordan decides she is willing to be a pawn. That’s good news for Jeff because we all know how much he doesn’t want to be backdoored. (Giggle, giggle)
Rachel and Brendon try to persuade Danielle to put up a floater but Danielle seems to have made up her mind. I would do the same thing, break-up BooKey!
Veto Ceremony
No big shock, Brendon uses the Veto on his beloved red headed banshee. Danielle puts up poor little Jordan. Remember two years ago this girl won the show but was placed as the pawn almost every week? Then Rachel cries as if Brendon is now going into “The Hunger Games.” What is ‘The Hunger Games’, you ask? I suggest you read it.
So is Brendon gone for sure? Are you excited to see Evel Dick? And will a house without Brendon make Rachel cry more or less?
Other Thoughts
  • Rachel makes a teary diary entry about getting Danielle back. Ok, Rachel collect yourself, then make threatening terms.
  • Jeff mentions he may focus on backdooring Danielle soon. Geez, buy a girl a drink first.
  • Watching Jeff do the milking contest again had me thinking, what’s more awkward? Having someone squeeze you or doing a solo performance in front of everyone?
  • I am not a fan of how aggressive Brendon is towards women. Anyone else notice that?
  • Did you notice after the veto competition Brendon took the ‘foot hair’ sticks with him? Why? What for?




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