Expedition Impossible: Literally, No Limits

The weak teams have been eliminated on Expedition Impossible, and we’ve been left with some crazy, hardcore people.

In the seventh stage of the expedition, the tasks continued last week’s trend of being a little more intense than we’d previously seen. Last week it was jumping off a cliff, this week one team member (who had to weight less than 200lbs, making the choice easy for some teams) had to locate a symbol while skydiving. Yep, they had to jump out of a plane and stay alert enough to find a clue. Later, teams had to do a bit of swimming and decipher a code to get to the check-in point. While this show has its flaws, I like the mix of physically strenuous and mentally challenging tasks.

Now, we only have six teams left so let’s review them in the order they placed this week.

The Gypsies
The Gypsies continue to be the team to beat, even though one of the mustached dudes has an injured ankle. (And he’s now part of a club…) The guys blew through all the challenges this week and were so far ahead of the other teams that they felt comfortable enough to stop for sweet tea on their way to the check-in point. It was a bold move and one of the three dudes didn’t support it, but they kept their first place spot.

No Limits
Even though I’m rooting for The Gypsies, it’s hard not to root for these guys as well. They’ve been incredibly impressive all along, maintaining a position at the front of the pack despite the fact that one team member is blind. This week they got even crazier – at the very beginning of the stage, Ike (the one that’s not the blind guy or his brother) likely broke his ankle getting into an SUV. It was all swollen and medical said he required an x-ray, but he insisted on continuing on. Insanity! And just to make the whole thing even more heroic, we learned that he’s a war vet and had already broken that ankle serving overseas. Like, really? If this team gets any more inspiring I’m going to throw up.

California Girls
The Cali Girls teamed up with No Limits this week and ended up with impressive results. These girls have been in danger of going home before and have pretty much zero chance of actually winning, but you have to give them some serious respect for being the last all-female team standing. Of thirteen teams, the other all-female teams finished 13th, 12th and 10th, so they have a lot to be proud of.

The Football Players
We didn’t see much of The Football Players this week, but I still think they’re a strong team. I can see them placing second or third, depending on what happens with Ike’s ankle.

The Cops
Now here’s a team we hardly ever see – what do we really know about The Cops? They’ve been a middle of the pack team all along and have gotten precious little screen time, so I don’t see them placing higher than about fourth.

Fab 3
What an inconsistent team, huh? The Fab 3 struggled to crack the code that everyone else solved easily and ended up trekking an extra two miles to get a supplementary clue. They managed to surpass The Country Boys and stay in the game, but they’ve had enough close calls during the expedition that I can’t see them holding it together long enough to win.

So yeah, The Country Boys were eliminated this week. You had to know it was coming – for a group of big, strong guys they kind of sucked at this all along. They just couldn’t hike! Especially that one guy. Although Fab 3 bickers a lot, I still prefer them to The Country Boys so I wasn’t sorry to see them eliminated. They just weren’t fast enough and were never really contenders in this thing.

Who are you rooting for now? Do you think No Limits will be able to hold it together? Both of the strongest teams are working with injuries now, does that leave room for someone else to go all the way? Sound off in the comments!



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