American Idol: Later, Lusk

Did you notice it? Did you notice Steven Tyler mouthing “I love you to me” right before the group number? That was for me, right?

As for the group number, it was kind of boring. The girls sang well, as always, but Scotty, Jacob and James could not be more vocally different and it just seemed weird to see them all singing a Turtles song together.

I did find the extra videos rather delightful. The omelet cook-off was pretty funny – Jacob was way too excited about second place, considering the only omelet that didn’t go in the trash was Lauren’s. The taste test was even funnier, though – both Lauren and Jacob’s faces when they tasted tofu were hilarious. I don’t like all of their singing styles, but I do think this group of Idol contestants have great personalities. It was also cute to see everyone joking about song and wardrobe choice.

Lady Antebellum’s performance was nice, and Jennifer Lopez looked fan-freakin’-tastic when she sang. Honestly, it’s like the woman doesn’t age. That song is damn catchy, the lady sure can dance, and she looked like she was having a blast. I liked the sound of her her new song too, and the video looked sexy – interesting that she didn’t choose to put Marx Anthony in it…

When Jimmy said Lauren would be in the bottom two because of “Unchained Melody”, I was mad. I thought she did a beautiful job on that song, even though she didn’t belt out some of the big notes. The girl sings beautifully, and I’d rather listen to her sing well and not belt out notes than hear Jacob or James belt out crazy notes and come out sharp or flat – which happens. A lot. I was glad he said Haley won the night, though, because she totally did.

When it was Scotty’s turn for results, Ryan revealed that last week’s results were revealed randomly and he’d never been in the bottom two. He had to go stand with the couple he thought were not the bottom two – either Haley and James or Jacob and Lauren. The correct answer was Haley and James, obvs. After much protestation from Scotty, Ryan escorted him over to the right spot. I felt so bad for Lauren, who looked absolutely crushed to be in the bottom two. Had she gone home over Jacob I would have been furious. But it was Jacob, and that’s how it should have been. He long overstayed his welcome.

I always thought Lauren would be in the final two, but with those results I’m not sure. It’s looking more and more like a Scotty-James finale, which is a bummer. I think Haley is the best singer in the competition and I love Lauren, too. I’d like to see at least one of them in there. What did you think of the results?




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