An ordinary day at the office…

Birthdays are a big deal in my office. So big, in fact, that on my first day of work, I had to fill out a form that included the usual; banking info, emergency contact and favorite cake for my birthday!

These are the times when the office slows down for a bit, we gather in the boardroom and fete the bday person with their cake of choice. I never thought I would groan at the thought of cake, but we just celebrated the third July birthday in two weeks…and another one later this afternoon! Needless to say, my sugar fix has certainly been addressed this month!

This one was really special though. My boss celebrated a certain hallmark birthday and a Martha Stewart-esque colleague of mine polled the rest of the staff weeks ago on cake decor options-my boss is a golf fanatic! These are the fruits of her labours; a marble cake with a buttercream fairway, graham cracker crumb sandtraps and peppermint evergreens.

Nice work JC!

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