Another Fabulous Saturday

What can I say, my Saturday’s of late have been fantastic!  As per the new routine, Holly and I headed into the city and met up with Angie at our WW’s meeting. 

I hoped on the scale and was down another 1.8 lbs for a total of 5.6 lbs since joining meetings. I also got my first 5 lb star!

HPIM1547 star 

This week I ate 35/35 of my WAPs and 3/19 of my APs earned.

Today’s meeting wasn’t really focused on anything in particular  People were just talking in general about what motivates them and many were recognized for milestones, there was even a lady who got to goal today!   Exciting stuff!!


The overall tone of the was very positive and I felt pumped listening to what everyone had to say!  Terry passed along another great quote –

“If you do not change your direction you may end up where you were headed.”

HPIM1515 HPIM1521

After the meeting we went to the gymbo for a sweat session. (J and Holly’s Hubby joined us.) Let me tell you we kicked ass today!!!  All of us were sweating buckets when we left. :) 

My work out consisted of:

  • Treadmill – 2 min warm up, 20 min running, 3 min cool down
  • Crosstrainer – 20 min
  • Strength – 20 min circuit

It was so much fun being there with a group of great friends.  I think we all pushed ourselves to do our very best. 🙂 A little locker room photo opp hehe.

Post workout Me, J, Holly & Dean grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. I stuck w/ an Iced Americano because I was still pretty warm from the gym. 🙂

We decided we were in need of some lunch and ended up at Cora’s. The place was packed but we managed to snag a booth without too much of a wait. 

HPIM1523 HPIM1529

Woulda been a nice shot if we weren’t in our skanky gym clothes. 😉

In keeping with eating well, I chose the Peggy’s Poached. This was the perfect re-fuel meal!

Poached egg on dry whole wheat toast. (4 Points)

Cottage cheese, approx 1/2 cup. (2 Points)

Plus a huge amount of fruit salad.  There had to be at least 2 cups on my plate. Strawberries, melons, apple, pear, pineapple, grapes, kiwi…. and Holly was kind enough to share this cute starfruit with me!

I ate about half of the fruit and took the rest home. Overall a fairly well balanced 8 points. Lots of protein and carbs, plus a serving of dairy.

There you have my week 2 WI.  I’m very happy with my progress since joining meetings.  I feel like this was one of the best decisions I have made in my weight loss journey.  It was a huge step for me to admit that tracking online wasn’t working any more but I’m SOOO glad that I looked at it as an opportunity to explore this new support system.  

My goals for this week are to earn 25 APs and to get in my daily servings of oils.  I’m getting more dairy but still slacking on the oils. This needs to change. :)  What are your goals for this week?

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