As It Happened: UKC Blue Devils (M) v. UNB Saint John Seawolves (M)

By: Dylan Matthias

Big game. King’s really need a win after losing to Holland College in the opener and St. Thomas yesterday, 1-0. They’ve beaten NSAC, but most of the better teams will beat NSAC this year.

1min: King’s kick off.

3min: There may be some statement-making this afternoon. Watch out.

6min: UNBSJ #7 is in, but offside. Naturally, he disagrees.

11min: UNBSJ #15 is chewed out by the ref, presumably for dissent.

12min: GOAL! (Burleton). Anders Peacock is sent in down the flank on a long ball. He crosses it past the ‘keeper and straight to a leaping Sam Burleton, who taps it in.

14min: UNBSJ #14 strikes a thunderng shot just over Justin Pyne’s crossbar.

16min: UNBSJ #5 is chewed out by the ref for hauling down Michael Curci. No card, but it’s coming for #5.

19min: Even game so far–but King’s may have an edge. CJ Young goes off on the ref for a meaningless foul by Peacock.

20min: UNBSJ work some pressure off the free kick in midfield. Nothing comes of it.

21min: Chris Etmanski is booked for dissent. King’s are losing the plot very quickly, here.

23min: Burleton nods a header over, but he’s been working very hard so far and might have another in him.

25min: A long free kick is punched away by the UNBSJ ‘keeper. Burleton was lurking again, there.

29min: Burleton rolls a deflected shot. The game’s settled down again.

31min: Burleton picks up a loose ball and smashes it off of the ‘keeper. He’s been everywhere, Burleton.

33min: UNBSJ #14 clatters Pyne after a nice claim by the King’s goalkeeper. Parlsey breaks fairly quickly the other was and is held back. UNBSJ #2 boots the ball away and escapes with a warning.

35min: UNBSJ work a nice corner and test Pyne. Burleton has also been booked, now, for making his opinion of the initial corner kick decision known. I’ll be amazed if King’s finish with 11 men and a coach.

40min: UNBSJ #2 clips Parsley in the knee and is booked. That involved studs.

42min: UNBSJ #7 gets by Ken Wallingford and Pyne makes a great save, colliding with #7 in the process. Both of them are feeling the effects of that collision.

43min: UNBSJ #7 is done, his right leg does not look good. #12 enters in his place.

45min: Burleton has another go, looking low on the ‘keeper and drawing out a good save. Two minutes added on.

45+2min: Smashing shot from UNBSJ #11–that grazed the bar as Pyne sailed by.

45+3min: Good claim by the UNBSJ ‘keeper with Burleton closing fast.

45+4min: The ref looks at his watch, realises what time it is, and calls the half.

King’s started very well, then completely lost the plot in the first half. They’re focussing on everything but the game–which is what they need to think about.

UNBSJ take their time getting back on the field.

46min: UNBSJ kick off, and a collision ensues. Again, I can see a red card before this is done.

47min: King’s #12 (Jacob Che, I think) is in at the half, for someone. Not sure who.

49min: UNBSJ #11 has a bloody nose and has come off to be attended to.

50min: Parsley has a forceful collision with UNBSJ #19. I missed that one, but the sound was like a gun going off.

52min: Etmanski makes a mess of a pass to him and forces Pyne into a save.

54min: UNBSJ #10 is booked for a challenge against Etmanski, which I didn’t see through a mob of players.

55min: Kings’ #3 (possibly Moataz Al-Hussaini, though I could well be wrong) is in alone before mishandling the ball on the turf.

57min: UNBSJ #7 has come back on at the half, I think. Obviously he wasn’t as badly hurt as I thought.

58min: The UNBSJ goalkeeper misses a hard cross at the six yard box but no one in blue can reach it in time.

59min: UNBSJ swap #14 for #3.

62min: This game is far from out of reach for UNBSJ, who have had enough chances to scroe. King’s have regained some composure, but this lead is a slim one.

65min: Burleton out for Mark Higgins. UNBSJ get a chance shortly after and #19 blazes a shot over from close range–dangerously close range.

67min: UNBSJ just about pass it into their own net with one of the most contrived back pass sequences I have ever seen.

68min: Parsley’s out for Neil MacIntyre. Al-Hussaini plays a nice pass that Higgins just can’t control for a shot.

72min: UNBSJ have a corner, but King’s counter quickly through Peacock. His cross is too far for Higgins, but MacIntyre sprints in, trying to steer it around the hesitant ‘keeper. He misses.

75min: Great onside run from UNSJ #7, for which he earns a corner. It’s headed wide.

76min: UNBSJ #7 brings another ball down and nearly tees up the newly introduced UNBSJ #4, who miscontrols, allowing King’s to clear.

78min: UNBSJ are playing a lot of longer balls through #7 and it’s working.

80min: Peacock picks out a wide open MacIntyre on a nice cross, but the King’s winger heads wide. MacIntyre’s been a tad off form this year so far, compared to his high-flying 2009 season.

82min: Free kick to UNBSJ 35-odd yards out. #19 goes for goal and misses by a quite staggering distance. There’s a feeling in the stands that UNBSJ are going to tie this–I can sense it, too.

83min: Al-Hussaini slides it to King’s #10, but the ‘keeper cuts the move out with a nice strip. They quickly counter-attack and win a free kick in midfield. Pyne comes for it and runs over #19, who deflected it inches wide. Pyne’s probably lucky not to give away a penalty there–he didn’t get the ball. #19 receives treatment.

86min: Higgins gets brought down in the box and is told to get up. Now UNBSJ #19 is down on a fast break and is also waved up–quite rightly, too–he dove.

88min: Red card King’s! Etmanski blocks #10 just outside the area and he walks with a second yellow. And his first was for dissent, too. The free kick is into the wall–twice. UNBSJ will surge forward with the extra man.

90+2min: Tere will be some stoppage time, what with the injuries and cards.

90+3min: UNBSJ are pressing, but look a bit at odds tactically against 10 men. King’s have the ball and shield it in the corner. MacIntyre is booked for dissenting another corner non-call.

90+5min: UNBSJ with a deep corner. It’s straight behind, which is terribly disappointing.

90+6min: Full-time, and most of the King’s team leave with a card and three points. That’s the crucial part, at this stage–they came needing points and they have the points. Not the prettiest performances, but they’ll do.

–Dylan Matthias is the incoming sports editor at the Dalhousie Gazette. He runs Dal Soccer Live on the side to provide more in-depth coverage of AUS and ACAA soccer. He has been a Toronto FC fan since Danny Dichio scored the team’s first ever goal. It showed him the magic of soccer.

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