Assembling the Outfit – three days early.

Ally: It is Wednesday and I am happy. Happy because in two days I will be stepping out with my girl, L-A, to see Turbine’s Showcase 2010. We wrote about this event a week or so back, and are still hoping we can convince you to make it out to celebrate a local fashion powerhouse (the lovely Lisa Drader Murphy) and to support a great cause (Amanda’s Gift).

I also want to show off a new outfit courtesy of friend and FPQT reader, Ivy! We met for lunch last week (which was a present in itself…awwww), and she brought along what I can only descibe as my second child.



Yes. That’s right. I own that. It’s a lovely number from Urban Behaviour (my limited research informs me that Urban Behavior may have filed for bankruptcy. Sad. Oh well. I’ll wipe my tears with my new dress).

 Three Sirens dot com describes the dress as “Sexy Gunmetal sequined tank mini dress by Urban Behavior featuring allover circular sequins and has a sleek racerback. Looks sexy and chic for a summer night out! 100% Polyester. Handwash. Imported.”

Summer night out my ass. I’m wearing it in November.

Obviously, it would be a bit age-inappropriate to wear without tights or leggings, unless you’re Serena van der Tramp, exhibit A:


Ok. I’m jealous. If I looked like Blake Lively I wouldn’t even wear a dress.

Back to real life, off I trotted (ok, sprinted, as I had to do this errand before a work meeting) to American Apparel, land of the offensive advertising!


Oh yes I did buy shiny/pleather-looking leggings. I did, I did.

I’m thinking of pairing the outfit with my Seychelles that I purchased during the Big Day Downtown event over the summer.


And, I’ll clearly need to ask Neighbourhood Bestie Melissa if I can borrow her black leather jacket.

Now. The hair. (And yes, I realize this post is all about me, but that’s what happens when L-A decides her “school work” is more important than “blog work”. What’s her issue? She wants to make money or something? Anyway, could be worse, I could be posting multiple country videos. And I’m not.) I’m still not quite sure what to do with it. I’m leaning towards a wilder ‘do. Something like this:

I feel that would be a great updo for my current “growing out the bangs” phase. Perhaps I could invite Cinthia Truong over to do my hair for me. We could play that background music, while giggling and talking about boys. Based on the video she seems quite serious. She’s focused on the braids. Like Martha on the salad.

On a total aside, when googling “Updos with bangs” I found this.


HA! Double HA!

So! Hope to see you at Friday’s event. There’s still time to get tickets! Tickets can be purchased in person at the Turbine Boutique at 1475 Lower Water Street at Bishop’s Landing, by calling 902.429.0986, or by emailing Julie at

Let us know if you are coming, we’re going to meet somewhere beforehand for a vino blanco.

Best of the Brits

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