August: A Nice Balance

Parade of Sail

The August weather was nicely balanced, with temperatures generally near normal and sufficient precipitation for most requirements.  New Brunswick was still drier than normal.  Yarmouth reported a wet 150mm, which most folks would have welcomed, since August 2016 brought less than 20mm for the whole month.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 7.51.54 AM


As we look forward into September, the sea surface temperatures are much above normal in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and over the Atlantic south of Nova Scotia (while the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine is chillier than normal).   This should result in much of the Maritimes remaining near or above normal for September, in spite of the chilly start.

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The warm waters in the Atlantic will continue to breed tropical cyclones.  The warm water south of the Maritimes would allow tropical cyclones to remain more intense than otherwise.

Some remnant moisture from Harvey will affect us Sunday night.  However, the storm that bears watching is Hurricane Irma.  This storm may be threatening populated areas this time next week as a very intense hurricane.

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stay tuned and stay safe


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