Auto Insurance Change

Government announced today, March 8, changes to auto insurance rules that will help some drivers keep their insurance premiums stable and create consistency in the marketplace.

“Some drivers were not getting an opportunity to control their insurance premiums because of inconsistent interpretation of the province’s insurance law,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Randy Delorey. “The changes clarify options available to drivers to maintain their auto insurance costs.”

Nova Scotia is the first province to allow voluntary payments.

When a driver has a minor at-fault accident without resulting injuries, they may be able to reimburse the insurance company for the cost of the resulting damages.

Under the changes, once a voluntary payment is made, the accident is registered as not-at-fault, and doesn’t affect the driver’s record.

While a common practice for many insurers, some companies felt that Nova Scotia’s insurance law didn’t allow voluntary payments. This regulation clarifies that drivers can use voluntary payments to control their driving records and insurance ratings due to minor accidents.

Source: Release

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