Bassinet Bingo

I loved all of your input about the Pack & Play as a bed side bassinet. Thank you.  We are definitely going to be getting a Pack & Play.  My dilemma then was that I plan to have it set up in the living room downstairs so that there is a place for the baby downstairs too.  So then I was hmmming and hawing about what to do.  I really wanted a bassinet for the bedroom, but budget crunching is tough when you’re starting from scratch in the baby gear department!

Then it was like the perfect solution presented itself!  I was contacted by CSN Stores and they asked me if I would be interested in reviewing an item from their HUGE variety of items they sell on their sites!!  When I say HUGE, I mean everything from entertainment centers, bedding sets, barbeque grills and of COURSE, there’s specific Baby gear sites too:,, so NATURALLY I chose my item to be a bassinet!  The bottom of this one can even be used as a toy box later on down the road so I knew it would be a perfect choice:


I can hardly wait to receive it and set it up as our first official baby furniture! Thanks!  I’m having fun perusing the baby bedding on there too 🙂

For those of you Moms out there, did you have a bassinet or co-sleeper in your room with you when you brought the baby home?

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