Beautique lip liners

Turns out, it is Liner Week on the blog this week 🙂 We follow LA Girls Glide gel eyeliners yesterday with Beautique lip liners today.

You might not notice it before, but Beautique is a makeup brand available only at Sally. Their lip liners caught my eyes (when I was browsing the nail polish) because of the long and skinny pencil form and the red tags on them ($2.49 before extra 50% off).

Here are, from L-R: Currant, Sienna, Jewel, Wine, Real Red and Soft Pink.

As you will see below, the colour indication at the end of the pencils are not always accurate and the pencils come with safety wrap, so I hope these swatches are helpful.

Currant is a mauve, certainly not as dark as it looks from the outside.

Sienna is a darker burnt orange, quite matte.

Jewel has a few random shimmers here and there but not visible on the lips.

The name Wine was quite misleading I found, as it is more of a dark raspberry. And Real Red is the prettiest modern (matte) red for the money, period!

Soft Pink is a barbie pink with a strong sheen of gold to it, great to be applied to the middle of the lips for an illusion of thicker lips. It does take a few extra swipes to show up though.

These lip liners do not start out creamy at the first swatches. But with a few uses, they become easier to apply and offer better pigmentation, so give them a chance to work for you. I end up loving all 6 colours, dark or bright!

The pencils have 0.045oz/ 1.28g of product (not a lot more than regular liners), and the price is great. I am not sure how many colours there are in the line, so if you have a favorite shade, feel free to tell me about it 🙂

Stay tuned for a look tomorrow.


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