Bill is knocking on our doors

Hurricane Bill Friday

Hurricane Bill's projected path as of Friday morning. On its current storm track, Bill will hit Atlantic Canada late Sunday.

Environment Canada
’s tropical storm warning, including rainfall and wind warnings, continues.

Hurricane Bill has been on everyone’s lips, and as of this morning, it is here!

“Heavy rain and strong wind is forecast today as hurricane Bill is expected to track south of Nova Scotia and north of Sable Island.”.

Hardcore surfers headed out very early Saturday morning to take advantage of the swells before things got too serious. Now that the storm is here, stay away from the waves!

According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre, “tropical storm warnings are in effect for Atlantic coastal Nova Scotia with wind speeds of 65 km/h with gusts to 90. Hurricane watches are continued for eastern mainland Nova Scotia and Southern Cape Breton with potential wind speeds of 120 km/h with gusts to 140″.

Throughout the week experts adviced the public to be prepared in case we are faced with an emergency situation. The Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office (EMO) has a list of basic supplies in case of an emergency, as well as a list of recommended additional items. Visit for full list of items.

Police are advicing the public to not venture out. Heavy rains and hydroplaning could be issues today, along with dangerous winds.

Contact your local stores, churches and any other public venues before heading out. There’s a good chance that most locales are closed today, and most events cancelled.

For flight information visit

Thanks Bill

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