books and sunflowers

Books and Sunflowers, original now available on eBay

I painted yesterday. No day off for me:) Actually it felt great. I’ve been busy and distracted and to sit down and get to it was wonderful. When I was on the Northumberland shore, I managed to get some sketches done in my book. Always a good feeling. I like to have several so I am always ready with something to create when I sit down in my studio (ahem, dining room table)

The weather is still beautiful. September here is always a magical month. I am meeting a new friend for tea today. I wonder if they they serve crumpets:) Does anyone serve crumpets anymore? Do you even know what a crumpet is?

Have a great week.

Yuppie Supper Club #7- A tribute to Julia Child!

Red Shoe Pub entrance

The Red Shoe Pub