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Popularized in the 90s, the boudoir look has been spotted on runways by the likes of Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuition, and Nina Ricci (see below), and this week for style panel we explored lingerie dressing for everyday.
We’re all about risk taking here folks. 

For my lingerie inspired dressing I put together this look (see below). Composed of a dress I purchased in high school for holiday dance (yes I hoard clothes) along with an over-sized housecoat inspired jacket from BB Dakota to which I then decided to add some edge to the playful look with a berry lip and some little black booties. 

With a post inspired by lingerie I can’t let you go today blog reader without drawing your attention to the two gorgous ladies in the photo below (c/o Lydia Hudgens). Although they are certainly more daring than I could ever imagine, these two are great lingerie bloggers: That Je Ne Sais Quoi (on left) and Style on the Couch (on right). They’re bravery should be commended and their blogs read daily. They both have inspired me in many ways to push myself outside of my style comfort zone, and to that I owe a sincere thank you.


I think it’s important to take risks in your clothing choices blog reader. It’s important to push yourself and to challenge yourself to try something new. Even if it’s absolutely terrifying. What do you think of this look blog reader? Do you think you’ll be sporting any spaghetti straps anytime soon? It’s funny how trends come back around. Isn’t it? 

See the other style panel look by clicking here: Fashion Magazine Style Panel

Happy Friday Blog Reader! 
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