Some Windy, eh?

It certainly is windy here on the East Coast today! Gusts up to 90 kms an hour overnight last night and for some of today. Luckily, it’s calmed down a bit now.

Earlier this morning was another story…

Let me share with you a picture of what I say when I opened the garage door this morning to take the kids to school:

car1Yup… that’s our basketball net. And that’s my car. Not a good way to start the day at all.

But when I took a closer look, I was relieved to see this:

car2Talk about a close call! Today is a good day. So I decided to celebrate the money I am not paying to my insurance company for the deductible and I spent it on wine instead. Cheers to me!

I really hope Karma doesn’t come back and bite me. Maybe I’ll save some wine to share in case Karma comes around… yeah, you’re right. I probably won’t. I don’t like to share my wine. Cheers to today!


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