brighten up

Now that the renovation is done (and so awesome!), I started thinking that the kitchen needed a little something more.

It has been said that once you start renovating, you can’t stop. And I already have a list! But as I am dreaming about what I could do next, there are lots of little things that can make a big difference now.

(It has also been suggested that I may be a bit nuts about changing my own home’s design and décor!)

Regardless, here’s the perfect example. While I loved the moody purple that I painted my kitchen three years or so ago, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be bright enough once the addition was built and the windows were moved.

So after the dust settled, I took the leap and repainted the walls a much brighter color (Benjamin Moore, poolside).
It’s a bit of a shock to my moody, calm and cozy instincts.

But it totally appeals to my love of a “vintage-y mixed with modern” vibe.

There is now a huge contrast between the walls and the black counter tops and cabinets, with stainless steel hardware and accessories. A little pop of red here and there really pulls it all together to give it a hint of a retro diner feel.
No question, that the kitchen is now more than bright enough. Can’t wait to see it in the middle of winter….

And when I get tired of it? Well…what’s the big deal about another can of paint?

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