BustaMove recap!

Who wears short shorts?
Some of you will be really interested and others not so much, but here is Saturday’s story……The day dawned cold and bitter but we were ready to get moving and nothing was going to deter us. It was very exciting to wake up to “the day”.

What an event! The organization for it was flawless. We each were assigned a participant number and that tied together all the little details. Baggage check, waiver, registration, spot on the floor, etc… Everything flowed smoothly and all details covered. The Metro Centre looked fab! Each of those pink squares is a towel and represents a person!

Our team, the HalifaxChicks, met bright and early ready to kick some a*=%. Actually I think it was our own a*+% s we kicked! lol. Don’t we look raring to go!

Ben Boudreau, a member of the RetroActives team. Looking very retro:) He is responsible for the creation of the HalifaxChicks team. In October he organized an info session for us on BustaMove and the rest is history….

Jon Mullane started things off as people were arriving and getting themselves oriented.

Some of the costumes were great! These bulbs actually switched on and off:)

6 hours of exercise folks! I discovered I was able to take my camera on the floor and managed to snap a couple of “action” pics. I was too busy during the aerobic stuff but this was the pilates. session in hour four. The towels came in handy:)

There was wonderful food all through the day that changed as the hours wore on. Sweet loafs, yogurt, muffins, fruit, sandwich wraps, apple chips, veggies and dip. Drinks, including coffee. A massage room with over a dozen masseuses.

This is the yoga. I sat up from lying down and had to take a picture. I imagine it must have been a remarkable sight for the instructor.
In the middle of the day, we broke two world records! There was a judge from the Guiness Word Record book and so everything had to be done according to a certain protocol to make sure they would be “legal”records. We all hugged for 10 seconds. One record broken, and then we formed a “conga line” and after learning several massage routines, had to perform them on the person in front of us for four minutes, thus breaking another record!

and then in hour 6…….the moment we’d all been waiting for:) The Weight Saint himself arrived running through the participants on the floor to arrive on the stage! Richard Simmons!

He soon had the stage filled with children who had been performers and as the hour wore on, more and more people were hauled up to join him.

and it got sillier and sillier but what a laugh we all had. He distracted us from the exhaustion and weariness:)

At the end of it all, the tally was revealed…….$1,143169.oo!! Yay us. We did it!

Congratulations to the organizers, participants , fitness instructors and volunteers!
Thanks to all of you who donated!!!

Vinegar and baking soda bubbles

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