But Mommm: 5 Things…

by Sarah W of Urban Parent
As I make list upon list of things that need to be done, baked, purchased and more during this busy time of year, I thought it would be fun to make a different kind of list for a change – like, 5 things I love about being a mother.  Only 5 you say?  Sure, I could come up with a long list of all the little things that I love: their smile, fixing boo-boos, wiping tears, hugs etc but narrowing it down to 5 things was actually pretty hard to do.  The real “down-to-the-core” life-changes that motherhood has given me.  Here goes…
1. Not to take a line from Jerry Maguire, but motherhood completes me! Ever since I was  young girl I knew I wanted to be a mom and it was well worth the wait for how full it has made my life.
2. The laughs, oh the laughs…around the dining table, in the car, in the bath – kids are just too funny and I love how they make me laugh every single day.
3. How motherhood has changed me as a person…making me more patient, accepting, loving and confident.
4. Feeling loved…the love I have for my children is one thing but the love I feel in return from them is beyond words.
5. The amazing feeling of being a teacher and being taught all in the same moment.
Try it for yourself…what are the 5 things you love most about being a mother?
Sarah Williams has two young daugthers, one husband, a laundry pile that’s bigger than her to-do list and a guilty pleasure stash of red licorice to keep her happy and sane.

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