But Mommm: Two Weeks

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.
It feels like all I’ve been doing for the last two weeks is booking doctor appointments, going for follow-ups, mentally prepping kids for appointments and of course, worrying.
I know that I signed up for this by having three kids but what I don’t understand is why everything has to converge at the same time.
In the last 10 days our son has had his annual peanut allergy check-up. This resulted in follow-up bloodwork at the IWK (still waiting on results). Our oldest daughter broke her glasses jumping in leaves so we’ve had to go for an eye appointment to get her prescription updated and then spend time (lots and lots of time) picking new glasses. The kids also had dentist appointments which resulted in two very small baby teeth cavities that required fillings for our oldest daughter (a first for us). The fillings had to be done in two separate appointments because they’re on different sides and they don’t freeze a whole mouth at once.

Then there’s our four-year-old daughter who is causing me the most worry with unexplained episodes of belly pain that have been going on for over a week now. She’s good for three hours, then in pain. Good for another hour, then in pain. Good for four hours, then in pain. She’s been waking with it at night and it’s heartbreaking to hear your child say, “Please Mom, just make it go away.” One trip to emerg, one trip to the family doctor and one visit to the IWK for an xray and we’re no further ahead than we were last week (what we were looking for on the first xray came back fine). We’re back today for another doctor appointment, likely followed by bloodwork and possibly an ultrasound as we keep ruling things out.

Top it off with a husband who was travelling for work, a babysitter who was sick for two days and any equity I’d built up at work seriously declining with my need to work from home or dash out the door to random appointments and you can see why my brain is on overdrive.
Am I complaining? No. Am I whining? Maybe just a little. Am I filling my head with ridiculous clichés to get me through? Yes. These are the days of our lives. This too shall pass. Who ever said being a parent was easy? Laughter is the best medicine. All in a day’s work. Look on the bright side. It could be worse. Keep your head where your feet are. Stay cool as a cucumber.
In all of the craziness of the past two weeks and with all of tricks I use to keep my head in the right space, there’s one cliché that summarizes everything:
“You are only ever as happy as your unhappiest child.”
Truer words have never been spoken.
Deanna is a Mom of three, wife, marketer and blogger – lover of travel, morning coffee, family time, belly laughs, good friends and uninterrupted showers! Follow her on twitter @DeannaCMiller

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