2:00 am - Friday, April 3 2020
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But Mommm: Speechless

I had a few topics I was considering writing about this week - a few things that have been on my mind and a few funny stories. When I sat down to write, however, there was nothing there. No words. No ideas. No thoughts. For the first time in...

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But Mommm: My Lesson

Two weeks ago my husband forwarded me an article about Brooke Burke, one of the hosts of Dancing with the Stars (my guilty pleasure), being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It reminded me that I hadn’t had my own thyroid checked in a...

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But Mommm: The Coffee

Who would have thought that I could explain my life with a single cup of coffee? Definitely not me until about ten minutes ago when I opened our microwave and saw my Tim Horton’s cup sitting in there.