10:44 pm - Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Drug Store Haul { March }


Can you believe it's the 24th of March already? I mean seriously where is the time going? Although I'm not going to lie I am looking forward to warmer temperatures, and what better time to stock up on some new cosmetics? Buying a whole new wardrobe...

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Spring Forward In Comfort


With spring now in swing, and many planning their Easter get-aways, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with a comfortable set of selections that can be mixed and matched as your weekend evolves.Many men often think that comfort is...

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As we make our way onto the dock we hear "EXCUSE ME CAN I HELP YOU" echoing behind us. All of the sudden you feel like you're a tiny little cockroach and someone's flicked on the light to expose you, and your natural inclination is just to...

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Spring is just around the corner I can feel it, so I can't help but get excited about wearing skirts, and dresses again without having to bundle up. Unfortunately with my busy schedule I haven't been able to get away anywhere warm this winter which...

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Curried Sweet Potato Stew


When a boat load of rice shows up at your door (#weekdaywin) you figure out how you're going to use it, and when a craving for curry and sweet potato hits you like a ton of bricks there's no question what you're going to do. Curried sweet potato...

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Short Presents X Huff Post


Prefer to save your sweat sessions for the gym? We get it, not everyone loves shopping (or the mall) as much as Cher and Dionne. Here are some tips for shopping smarter, so that you can spend as little time as possible buggin' about what to...

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With the rising cost of food and coming off the tail end of the holidays, managing budgets this time of year can be a struggle at best. Growing up I saw this struggle first hand and it motivated me as a young adult to spearhead breakfast programs,...

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