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Chuck: The Giant Blonde She-Male

Last night’s episode of Chuck was a rare Sarah-centric episode, and I think it totally worked. 
Chuck’s recent kidnapping gave the show exactly what it needed – a way for Sarah to be sensitive and tough. She realized she wants to marry Chuck and eventually poured her heart out to him, but she also kicked some serious ass. For real. Look at this. 
Sarah rampaged Thailand looking for her man, and with a little help from Morgan and Casey, she found him. Just in time, too, since The Belgian and his creepy doctor were about to lobotomize Chuck in order to get the intersect back. 
This episode was so action-packed that I feel like there isn’t that much to recap – you kind of have to see Sarah kick that ass for yourself. Morgan was particularly hilarious this episode, since he was being brought on a super dangerous mission in super dangerous Thailand. His decoy job as a stoner tourist lost in the jungle was pretty awesome.
Speaking of Awesome, he bartered medical services in exchange for the Nerd Herd guys to fix the computer that Ellie found in her dad’s car. The password was a reference to something from Ellie’s childhood, so we know it was meant for her…but what is it? Would their dad really put an intersect in Ellie’s head? 
Based on this we’ve got a lot to look forward to. I’m really curious to know what Ellie and Awesome saw on the computer, and I’m looking forward to see what tricks Chuck has up his sleeves for a proposal now that Sarah knows his previous, incredibly intricate plan. This episode was funny, action-filled and even kind of heartbreaking (the tears streaming down Sarah’s face as she begged Chuck to wake up), which makes me very excited for what’s to come. Did you like “Chuck vs. Phase Three”?

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