Community: Western Style Paintball

How amazing was that? I wasn’t sure Community could top the epic paintball war of last season, but after watching the old Western style paintball episode on Thursday night, I’m pretty sure they did it.

I whine a lot about how Annie hasn’t gotten enough material or screen time lately, so it was nice to see her take the lead in the episode. Alison Brie is such a diverse actress, pulling off roles on Community and Mad Men and it was awesome to see her show off more skills. Who would have thought she could make such a great Lara Croft type? I want her to win the whole thing.

The half hour flew by, because it was packed with lots of action, jokes, and great interactions within the gang. I loved that within the paintball game the writers managed to address Pierce’s unlikable nature this season.

For the second part, next week, the genre switches gears from Western to alien invasion. I can’t wait to see where they go with this. Now, check out these highlights – there were so many!

  • “That was a game. This is paintball.” – Annie
  • The credits!
  • The nicknames!
  • “Yeah? And I want pants. A lot of people want a lot of things.” – Annie
  • “He’s really good looking. Like, network TV good looking.” – Abed
  • Jeff: “My forehead’s not that big right?”
    Troy: “It’s not small.”
  • “Actually, Jeff, he’s been pretty decent in this game, so far. He’s created a safe zone where people can rest, eat, and in some cases, pump their breast milk.” – Shirley
  • “It began with a dream Annie. A dream and an impulse to hide in the men’s room. I found that people were willing to roll bullets under the door just for the right to take a dump. By the way, for you guys, taking a dump is on the house.” – Pierce, on his saloon-like fort.
  • “You’ve kind of acted like a villain this year.” – Abed to Pierce, getting all meta
  • Cheerleader: “Not cool, bitch.”
    Annie: “Yeah, so you told me at last year’s try-outs.”
  • “Stop trying to fluster me with your handsomeness. You’re creepy.” – Annie
  • “I get paid to shoot paintballs, honey. Not the breeze.” – The Black Rider
  • “You think you’re good looking, but you’re not. You’re average. You’re just an average looking guy with a big chin.” – Jeff
  • “Last week he did it to get out of letting me have a stick of gum.” – Abed, on Pierce faking a heart attack
  • “I wouldn’t go to this toilet with my sister’s big toe.” – The Black Rider
  • Chang getting creamed!
  • “Resistance is as useless as your degrees.”




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