My computer is as slow as mud and it takes so long to get things done, it is easier to put it (blogging) off and do other things. Lame excuse I know but it is soooo frustrating sitting, waiting, while my computer takes forever to do something, freezes up and then starts again and then freezes. (almost like the old dial up days) I feel embarrassed even saying that, I mean, come on, I have a computer!! 
I’m lucky. 

I have been known to utter expletives as I sit in front of my once again frozen computer, fidgeting thinking of all the other things I could be doing instead of waiting, waiting, and waiting. Makes me crazy. Makes me ashamed that I am even considering it a problem. There are far worse problems, I KNOW. This is nothing. Nothing. There. I feel better now…… rage, out in the open.


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