cottage must-haves

I know it’s probably a little late…you’ve probably already got your cottage all set up for the summer and you’re well in enjoying it.

But, I have friends that just sold their lovely little cottage…and bought another lovely little cottage just down the road from the old one. So, after three years of making the other one awesome, they are starting over again…this time on a better piece of land.

I read a couple of good little articles about cottage style recently (thanks again,, and I wanted to share some thoughts.

The cottage is a cottage, not your home, so it should be treated a bit differently. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the attention. Just the opposite, actually.

It’s the place you go to relax. It’s the place you entertain. It’s the place great family memories are made.

It’s the place you can have a more relaxed style, more whimsy, more fun. But that does indeed mean that lots of thought should be put into setting it up and organizing it just so.

My tips? It should be all about the basics. Then, build and evolve your cottage style as you go.

Here are a few cottage must-haves to start:

1.BBq – invest in a good one. It’s worth it.

2.Hammock – so important to have a quiet place to read, nap or just enjoy the scenery.
3.Adirondack chairs – comfy, sturdy and long lasting. Who doesn’t love them?
4.Fire pit – nothing better than gathering around the fire after the sun goes down to tell stories, play music and roast things (marshmallows, wieners, s’mores…and the list goes on!)
5.Cooler – drag it over to wherever the group has gathered…it means less trips in and out of the cottage and it give the feel of easy luxury when everything is so close at hand.
6.Storage – hide all the rainy day games in one neat and tidy spot. If it doubles as extra seating, a coffee table, end table, foot stool, then all the better!
7.Music – take the party to the beach, the dock, or playing inside, music is a must-have.
8.Beverage dispenser – mix up a large batch of lemonade, iced tea or even water to enjoy all day long. Make the self-serve part easy and it will ensure good hydration in the hot summer sun.
9.Dinnerware – try melamine. They are perfect for outdoor dining and they come in so many bright and bold graphics they give lots of pops of color to the table and scream summer living!
10.Beach towels – laying out on the deck or dock, taking a swim, or enjoying a quick cottage shower, you’ll need lots of these! If you’ve got kids, try color-coding them so everyone knows who’s towels are who’s. Hang some fresh ones in the room for guests, too!

Hope you enjoy the cottage…there’s at least a month left to go!

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