Cougar Town: Smartypants

Have I told you how glad I am that Cougar Town is back? And, for that matter, how happy I am that I started watching the show over the Christmas holidays? It’s so fun! Cougar Town isn’t just a show I enjoy watching, it’s a show that makes me want to go live in their world. A world where I don’t have to work ever, but instead just sit around drinking wine and getting insanely competitive over bar trivia. This is a world where I belong.

Which leads me to the first of the five things I loved about Cougar Town this week:

  1. Laurie and Travis killing Grayson and Ellie at trivia. Obviously, Laurie did not have much to do with their victories, she was secretly getting Travis to text message her the answers. After Ellie and Grayson mocked Travis for losing to them in trivia, he got back at them by making Jellybean look smart. Really, there couldn’t have been a sweeter revenge. 
  2. Jules butchering the pledge of allegiance…twice. Poor Jules! She was so embarrassed. The full body shutdown was hilarious.Though being Canadian, I don’t think I could fully comprehend the humiliation. Is the pledge of allegiance something y’all are supposed to know for your whole life? I always assumed it was sort of like the Hail Mary for Catholics. You learn it when you’re little, recite it off by heart all the time, and then as the years go by you the lines fade away until you only know the first one. How many things are you guys expected to memorize down there? The anthem, presumably. And I guess this. What about that four score thing? Or those other “America” songs that aren’t officially the anthem? Do you have to know all those? No wonder Jules messed up! 
  3. “I’m from the hood, y’all. My friend JoJo got shot in the face…should’ve been me. Reading got me out.” 
  4. Jules is magic! Really, this was a great episode for Jules. I always loved Courtney Cox on Friends, and I love her even more on this show. I could totes relate to her insistence that she has special powers. We’ve all been there, when we wished or prayed for something and then it came true, right? Right? I completely related to her guilt over possibly wishing Bobby’s failure upon him, and I loved how differently their characters reacted to the humiliation. I’m definitely more like Jules, but wouldn’t we all love to just be able to laugh our embarrassing moments off like Bobby? Or even profit from them? 
  5. The Larmy on Twitter. So, so, funny! I love how well Cougar Town interacts with its fans. 

Here are some bonus mentions from the episode:

  • Bobby “Wrong Balls” Cobb
  • Laurie dissing Alex Trebek/Canadians. I’ll try not to take it personally…sniffle…
  • Laurie: “Jules, I didn’t know you sponsored an African child.”
    Jules: “Oh yeah, little Omari. He’s 10. I gotta say, those letters are getting a little repetitive. It’s hot; I’m hungry; there’s snakes.”
  • Jules’s shush clap.
  • Laurie: “I went to a crap school in a crap neighborhood and reading really got me out.”
    Jules: “It did?”
    Laurie: “No, car modeling did. But it’s really fun to say reading did.”
  • The return of The Confidence Dance!
  • Andy and his ear infection. There was a dead seagull in the pool, what did he expect?!
  • Ellie talking like an adult on Charlie Brown to confuse Andy.
  • “It chews gum while it eats buffalo wings. How did it beat us?” – Ellie
  • “Dear Lord. You know I don’t bother you unless it’s important. Except for that time I asked you to speed up my bangs…” – Jules (we’ve all been there)
  • I might have mentioned this before, but I really like the dynamic between Ellie and Grayson. There’s a certain underlying respect with their rivalry that I enjoy.
  • Ellie: “Hey bartender, how could you miss a question about bartending?”
    Grayson: “I don’t know! You missed the one about blood draining parasites.”
    Ellie: “It’s not the same.”
    Grayson: “It is the same.”




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