Cougar Town: The Punishers

Laurie’s tiny wine glass punishment is the worst!

Shall we just get right to the five things I loved about Cougar Town? After all, it was an awesome episode and I wouldn’t want the council to punish me for delaying.

  1. The Council, of course. It was one of the funniest gags the show has done, and I hope it will pop up every now and again in future episodes. The punishments were so hilarious and perfectly suited each character. Jules spending the night on Bobby’s boat, Ellie having to sit on a roof because she acts like she’s above everyone, Bobby’s punishment simply being the anticipation of punishment. Awesome! 
  2. Thank god she said no! Travis proposed to…what’s her name? You know, that awful girl. Anyway, he popped the question and things went down exactly how they should have. I loved how Grayson was the one who found out about Trav’s plan rather than Bobby or Jules, because we don’t get to see them interact that much. I mean, everyone knew Travis would propose to try and keep his girlfriend in town. But Grayson actually knew the were, when and how. And when Travis finally did get down on one knee, he was turned down. Of course! You knew they couldn’t get married. I loved that Grayson prevented Jules from intervening, and that she comforted Travis afterward. It was funny, not cheesy. 
  3. I loved how Jules eventually figured out how to manage in Bobby’s boat, without separate towels for her hair, face, body and feet, and without a sufficient amount of wine. She was dirty and gross, and it was hilarious. 
  4. Kevin. The guy was funny! I’d like to see him come around more often, if only to pancake people when they’re out of line.
  5. The Lou Diamond Phillips cameo was a nice touch. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you kinda wish your group of friends had a Council? And now, some bonus quotes:

  • “One Soy Latte for Lady J. Love Explosion.” – Jules
  • Jules: “I fought a bum for wine and lost.”
    Ellie: “Didn’t your mom teach you bums always win wine fights?”
  • “You always act like you’re above us. Now you are.” – Jules
  • “That’s what friends are. People you can constantly crap on.” – Ellie
  • The joke about Travis’s hair, which is awful.
  • The joke about Grayson’s tight T-shirts.
  • Exempting Andy from punishment because he’s easily influenced.




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