Court Issues Directions in Electoral Boundaries Proceedings

The Court of Appeal is directing interested parties to file an application if they want to intervene in court proceedings about a recommendation of the 2012 Report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission to abolish three Acadian electoral districts.

In October, the attorney general made a reference to the Court of Appeal, asking it for an opinion on eliminating the three Acadian districts formerly known as Clare, Argyle and Richmond.

The Court of Appeal directed that any person or group interested in participating in the reference should file an application to intervene. The court will hear the applications March 26.

Intervenors are parties the court deems qualified to present argument on the two key questions the Court of Appeal is attempting to answer:

— Was abolishing the three electoral districts a violation of section three of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
— If it was a violation, is the legislation covered under section one of the Charter, which guarantees rights and freedoms, subject to limits in law and justified in a free and democratic society.

After the hearing for intervenors, the Court of Appeal will set dates for next steps in the proceedings.

The release on the province’s reference to the court of appeal is available at .

Source: Release

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