Curiouser and Curiouser…


If you're one of those people who agonize in choosing the perfect, unique gift or are consumed by the thrill of the hunt for that hard to find item, look no further. CBC Atlantic is reporting that a new co-op of shops has taken over the space below Menz Bar on Gottingen Street. Among the co-op retailers is Monkey Paw curiousity shop, owned and operated by Bob Chiasson, who is also president of the Plan B merchants co-op.

The goal of the co-op is to provide consumers with an alternative to the retail chain outlet stores, while keeping business local and community-focused. Chiasson used to operate his curiousity shop out of the Dartmouth Harbourview Market, but jumped at the opportunity to move back to his old stomping grounds in the North End. He says the merchandise and vibe of the co-op is to help encourage more foot traffic in an area of the city that he calls "the centre of hipdom".

Will any of you be stopping by to check it out? Read the full article here:

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