Damn Tanya, You’s a sexy chick

AllyG: Lately, I’ve been drawn to Etalk. This will hurt L-A because as her friend, I should actually be boycotting all things Ben Mulroney (she finds him tres annoying…for some reason, he doesn’t bother me, then again I listen to artists called Ke$ha). I need to assure her that I’m actually in it for Tanya Kim. Dudes, Tanya looks good. So good, that I had to do some intense Internet research to determine her stylist (i.e. Googling “Tanya Kim” Stylist). I found out that it was Jessa Bissett (great name!) who works out of  Toronto for JudyInc.  She also dresses Seamus O’Regan (who seriously always looks good. Gents, take note).


Don’t you love the hanky? Seamus loves the hanky. More men should love the hanky.

Back to TK (ok, Brian is annoying when he calls her that) I am so enamoured by her outfits each evening. She has a great “figure” as my mother would say, so she can pull off pretty much anything, but Jessa seems to have her in the latest styles without making her look to trendy (See that Cheryl Hickey?). Let’s review:


That vest is killer. We already know I’m a huge fan of white tanks with anything. Apparently she is holding a 442 McAdam Flop Clutch. I quite like! Overall, good look. Casual, but dressy in a Canadian-entertainment-personality way.


Loooooove the dress she wore to the 2008 Much Music Video Awards. I would love a chunky necklace that draped like that. No idea who made it. Perhaps Jessa can help?


Now this is the cocktail dress I need for the holiday season! She even makes Ben look good!

Can you get over Ben to admire Tanya, L-A? Or is she tainted by association? Also, I’m concerned you may not “get” the title without understanding where it came from. Allow me to assist you!

Ah, and it ain’t even Friday.

L-A: This is how I feel about Ben Mulroney:

That’s right. I cannot deal. I don’t know the first thing about this Tanya girl because I cannot deal with her co-host. I don’t know if she likes him, but the look on her face in this photo says no:

BUT. Based on the pics the Ally posted, the girl knows how to dress. Fantastic work by her stylist.  And the coat she’s wearing in my editorialized photo? As The Zoe would say, “I. Die.”  I just might maim for a coat like that. Okay, I probably wouldn’t. But I would want to be your friend if you were wearing it, just so I could hang out with you and your fab style. (Like the girl I saw at work with a fantastic purple cloche style hat: I wanted to be her friend because her hat is so cute).

That’s all I have to say about that. I feel like I’m phoning it in on this one, but what can I do? I don’t know this Tanya Kim at all. I hate Ben Mulroney so much that I won’t even watch their show for research purposes (and I have watched all of Ally’s videos, so that shows you what I’m willing to do for this blog. I even watched the Ke$ha video).

oh, p.s. Love the hanky/pocket square on that guy. Maybe that should be it’s own post. I wonder if we can get Clinton Kelly to guest blog on that one – it’s not like his show has been on lately (what the eff, TLC?? Did they cancel it? Move it to another night? what?)

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