Dessert Date


There are times in a couple’s relationship when a sweet idea turns sour. This was one of those times and it came out of nowhere. The scene was set for a lovely dessert date to a local waterfront restaurant where we had enjoyed several lovely desserts before.We decided not to risk it and wander somewhere new with a “don’t fix what’s not broken” kind of philosophy.

Good Fondue

However, by the end of the date there were definitely things in need of repair, such as our self-esteem.

It all started with the waitress. She obviously didn’t approve of us skipping the appies and entrées and going straight for the sweet stuff. She even went so far as to mention that they usually “put people in the bar” who are just getting dessert. My heart dropped to the floor and was repeatedly slapped around as she ignored our table and brought us a less than stellar fondue. I mean, come on, a fondue without strawberries? I’m usually pretty good at not letting a rude person or even a disappointing meal ruin my evening, but when you’re talking dessert you’re messing with a dangerous thing.

Even though the horrible service put a damper on our date, I would still try this date idea again simply because I love any good excuse to enjoy my two favourite things in life – my husband and sugar. We’ll have to break the mould and try somewhere new because something is broken and needs a good fixin’. If you have any suggestions for good dessert spots, let us know!


Sometimes the ol’ wallet shakes it’s head in disapproval when we head to a local restaurant for a fine dining date night. So we thought a Dessert Date might be a fun and cheaper alternative. We were right about it being cheaper, but the fun was debatable. Since this is not a review of the restaurant we chose, I won’t go into detail except to say it wasn’t our most rage-free evening out.

I actually love the idea of having a home cooked dinner and then hitting the town for a nice dessert because you get to experience the best of both worlds. I don’t get buyer’s remorse when the bill comes, and I don’t get eater’s remorse from stuffing my face with a huge meal.

The Menu

Here are a few tips that will hopefully keep you from the less than stellar evening we had:

1) Plan to get to your restaurant of choice a bit later in the evening. That way the dinner rush is mostly over and you won’t be surrounded by chaos as you try to unwind.

2) Tell the person seating you that you are there for dessert. This will help you avoid any awkward lectures when your server finds out you’re not spending the big bucks, and therefore should have been seated elsewhere.

3) If your restaurant of choice has a view, request a window seat. If not, try to get a table around the perimeter of the room. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being watched by everyone because your table is in the middle of the room.

Even though it wasn’t the perfect date night, we still made the best of it. Coffee and dessert is the perfect way to end the day (actually, it’s perfect for ANY time of day). So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to eating out, try having the main course at home and hitting the town for dessert.

– Speaking of desserts, we have a very special treat coming soon. That’s right, our next giveaway is just around the corner! We’ll let you know more details soon. –


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