Do mermaids wear glasses?

I took a very quick trip to Lunenburg on Saturday. At the last minute we decided to jump into the car and head out to this picturesque seaside town. It is a Unesco World Heritage site. Actually the real reason we went, besides the fact that it was a glorious sunny day was to pop into an art exhibit that a friend of mine is participating in. As luck would have it, I never did get to see the exhibit but that is another story and gives me a reason to go back soon!

I had forgotten what a lovely place this is!

When we got there, the”Seafood Festival” was in full swing. We even got to judge a chowder competition. It was quite fun and tasty. Interesting to try five chowders side by side. You could taste how different they all were when compared directly. I liked one that had a slightly smokey flavour.

It was hard walking around without my camera plastered to my face.

Lunenburg is a really attractive and interesting place to wander about. The signs are lovely and coax you into the shops. Who wouldn’t want to visit a shop called Comfort and Joy!

Or how about …

To be continued:)

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