yellow poppies

Yellow Poppies 5×7 on eBay!

Today the weather is changing. We have had a terrific run of sunny glorious weather. I am quite glad of a reprieve in the form of rain:) Makes it easier to get things done! My list seems to be growing rather than diminishing.

The Atlantic Film Festival starts on Thursday! There are a bazillion films I want to see and Bright Star heads the list. I think it screens on Friday night. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is another:) I’ve got to really look over the program soon and purchase some tickets, because they go fast. We are lucky to have such a great festival here every September with new features, shorts, documentaries, lectures, workshops, and galas!

Construction on Bedford Highway on Monday

Joe's Scarecrows, near Cheticamp

Joe’s Scarecrows Roadside Attraction