Dressing Dudes: The Elected Official Edition

L-A: I’m going to unofficially declare this past Tuesday as Cole Harbour Day: MLA Darrell Dexter was voted in as premier and Sid “the Kid” Crosby and the Penguins won their game, meaning there is a game seven for the Stanley Cup (sports fans, you can pump your fists and cheer. But that’s all the sports talk happening here though).  And while I congratulate them both, I think that these two guys both need some fashion advice.  We covered Sidney Crosby yesterday (take his millions and get some tailored, custom-made clothes).  With that Cole Harbourite dealt with, what of Dexter?

As I’m sure it will be ignored by the incoming government, I’m taking on the responsibility of appointing Ally and I to the new Ministry of Fashion. And while one transition team focuses on the budget, we will be the transition team that focuses on how the Premier Elect should dress for his newfound success.

For starters, he is overly fond of plaid shirts. I’m not saying never to plaid and a blazer, but I am saying cool it. Because while MTV’s Dan Levy is rocking the plaid as a sort of geek chic, I’m not sure that it’s working for Darrell (p.s. Dan has some style tips for the dudes. Also, Dan & Jessi: call me! Let’s be BFF and watch The Hills together).  I am, however, saying no to this:


My mom always said you can pair a pattern with a stripe, but she was usually referring to decorating the living room and not outfits for Premiers-to-be. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t do this look at all and props to Darrell for trying, but too much is happening here. A different blue and green perhaps. A different stripe and pattern. Mixing colours and patterns isn’t for amateurs:


(photo/caption via What Chuck Wore)

(Do we overdo it with the Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass? Is that even possible…particularly in a post about menswear?)

Since mixing your patterns doesn’t come naturally to everyone, I suggest you ask someone for advice.  Any reputable menswear retailer should be able to give you advice. Even if he suggests a tie that is out of your budget, take note of what he is suggesting and then go look for something similar in a different price range. Or hit up Winner’s to see if they have the same tie for less. But do treat yourself to a nice tie every now and then. You’ll be happy you did. For Darrell, I suggest just about any of these orange ties. I know, I know: NDP buying Hermès? Never! But come on! You are only Premier once! Treat yourself to just one of those lovelies. Keep it simple in pattern (don’t get the one with the penguins) and you’ll have that tie for years. You can frame it when you retire or sell it on consignment.

AllyG: If we were talking about brands of toilet paper you would find an excuse to talk about Chuck Bass. I applaud this. I also applaud Premier Designate Darrell Dexter on fashion risk taking. I think I tilted my head back and forth for a full four minutes before concluding that he was, indeed, wearing a green polka dot tie. Here is where I have to argue with you L-A…I think I like it. That’s right. You heard me. Cue the Best.Catfight.In.History. It’s on.

They had me at: “I wanted to see what the competition looked like…with clothes on”. Sweeeeet!

Anyhoo, back to elected official fashion and Premier Designate Darrell Dexter (who I’m sure would be thrilled he is mentioned in the same post as The.Best.Catfight.Ever from Dallas). I really feel Darrell has to look no further than Hugh Jackman 


Isn’t Hugh FABULOUS? I personally love the scarf accent. It’s jaunty, frisky, it’s confident. Or what about the classic sweater and blazer combo?


Some may argue the hanky in the pocket is too much. I would tell them to write their own $^%&% blog.

If I can be frank, I think everyone wins when they dress a la Justin Timberlake as seen in the Sexyback video. Win-win all around. Bonus points if you have the song playing while entering the Legislature.

In more awesome news, I just spilt coffee all down my white shirt while attempting the Justin Timberlake “slide” in my rolling office chair.

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