Entourage: Happy endings, sort of

Oh, Entourage. Not only do I not look forward to writing reviews for this show now, but I’m not even particularly excited to watch it. Sunday night’s episode was the second-last episode of the series, I should have been psyched. Instead, I sat down to watch it after returning home from vacation on Monday night feeling entirely indifferent.

Perhaps it was because I’d accidentally read a couple spoilers on Wikipedia. I knew that Sloan was pregnant and I knew that Vince hadn’t actually sold the tequila company shares. But it wasn’t knowing the information that bothered me, it was knowing the Entourage formula. Everything always works out on this show.

Johnny got to do his show for the salary he wants with the cast he wants. He also gets to do Vince’s movie, even though everyone thinks it’s too good for him. And are we really supposed to believe that Billy Walsh’s script is that good?

Turtle is independently wealthy now? Really? I’d find this easier to believe if we’d actually seen him working really hard for the tequila company. But really, we just heard about it. Anyway, millions of dollars and the money he needs to set up Don Peppe’s means Turtle’s living happily ever after as well.

Vince has won over the beautiful journalist, which suggests everything has worked out for him once again too. If the showrunners wanted to set up a love story for Vince that viewers could be invested in, they should have introduced Sophia at the beginning of the season. We’re supposed to believe that Vince has had to work incredibly hard to woo this girl, but it’s looked rather easy to me. Who can’t make a video these days?

The only character whose fate seems up in the air is E. E is dressing like a slob, firing clients for sleeping with his ex and is himself sleeping with a client, that same ex’s ex-mom. That’s f—ed up. It’s a sad day when Scott is the stable partner in the business. Sloan is carrying his baby, but she wants nothing to do with him. How can this be resolved in one episode?

At this point, we all just have to accept that Entourage is going out with a fizzle rather than a bang. Obviously I’ll be watching the finale on Sunday night, but I wish that had aired years ago.



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